Analysis of the "13th Five-Year trend" security products

In May 2015 nine ministries jointly issued "on the strengthening of public security video monitoring of the construction and application of the Internet of things work in a number of opinions", put forward the "global coverage, network sharing, when available, full control of public security video monitoring of the construction and application of the Internet of things, promote the integrated application, using data mining, intelligent early warning and other modern technology, increase the intensity of the application integration in public security video surveillance system, and gradually establish a national and provincial public security video image data processing and Analysis Center in the area of video and image establishment and improve video image data analysis applications such as mining some innovation platform.

From the "opinions" can be seen in the intelligent analysis, cloud computing, cloud storage and data mining and other large number of innovative technology for the field of public safety technological innovation and the far-reaching impact. With the development of video monitoring technology and the business needs of public security, public security of video surveillance planning and demand the construction of key, is from stationing quantity to quality management improvement changes. "Flexible use, resource sharing, information mining, support for actual combat" is the development trend of the field of video surveillance. In particular, intelligent, big data and cloud technology makes large-scale video surveillance more practical significance, can be substantial savings in manpower and monitoring equipment, in the public security industry will have a broad application prospects.
With the development of information technology, "45" during the field of security will emerge and what kind of innovative technology, these innovations will would affect public safety video surveillance network construction application, hope through the combing and everybody together to discuss.

One, big data revolution and innovation application
With the convergence of information technology and economic and social integration, triggering the explosive growth of all kinds of data, the formation of large data is increasingly on people's production, life and national governance capacity has an important impact. Security video surveillance is the vast resources in large data, but video image data due to be structured to deal cannot be used directly in the calculation and analysis, so that a large amount of information is often abandoned, if it can be very good to the application of video data mining, not only to the construction of social security control system, improve public safety and security capabilities play a major role in and through the correlation data analysis, found new knowledge and create new value and promote the formation of high-end security intelligence, new boom industry to develop new ecological. "13th Five-Year" period, changes brought about a revolutionary application of big data is bound to the security industry development.

First, around the big data will be a series of infrastructure construction. Various sectors of the community will increase investment efforts to strengthen the storage, sorting, data cleaning and data mining technology equipment input. The public security organs will continue to walk in front of each industry application and optimize the network infrastructure, the Ministry of construction, the provincial, city and county level 4 video image special channel, build system of public security network, construction of public security video image information application platform and video image information analysis center.

Two is to break through the bottleneck of the core technology, the formation of a safe and reliable system of large data technology. To strengthen the machine learning, in-depth study and other intelligent technology innovation, enhance the ability of data analysis and processing, knowledge discovery and decision making ability. Around the video data acquisition front-end and structured, and analysis, excavation, presentation and application link, R & D large data storage and data integration and other hardware products, R & D large-scale general mass management software, intelligent visualization analysis software products, drive chip, operating systems and other information technology based on the core of product development. By 2020, will form a more robust international competitiveness of large data video surveillance products.

Three is to develop and application areas of business processes and application needs of the depth of the integration of large data solutions. Achieve cross domain, cross industry data fusion and cooperative innovation in and mobile Internet, networking, cloud computing depth fusion based, formed to meet the key security industry application demand of big data solutions, promote the security service and other security consumption of innovation and development, creating new formats and application model of win-win cooperation.

Four is to establish a standard system of large data. Under the promotion of the relevant departments of the government, accelerate the data acquisition, open, classification, exchange interface, access to the formulation and implementation of the interface, product technology, security and other key common standard, establish the standard conformity assessment system, actively participate in relevant international standards development work, give full play to the function of standards in enhance the service capabilities, supporting the role of industry management.

Two, cloud technology to help security applications and development
During the 45, cloud technology will bring touch people's lives on surface, exciting the creativity and affect almost every consumer and every business. Typically, consumers will not notice the cloud, because the cloud provides support behind the different applications. Cloud technology can become intelligent - smart watches, smart clothes, smart TV, smart home and smart car. The vast majority of smart devices are running in the cloud. Whether it is home to the thermostat, wrist activity tracker, or beautiful super high definition TV smart movie recommendation, they are run by the cloud on the analysis engine driven. Cloud computing can help to get rid of the traditional hardware stores, as long as there is access to the Internet, people can easily from the cloud data center storage, obtain all the necessary information, such as photos, documents, large capacity video and business information, such as the. "13th Five-Year" period, cloud computing will show the following trends:

(1) cloud application API
Openstack, VMware and cloudstack and Amazon is through the "cloud" to create a connection method is simple, the use of API allows developers need to understand the source code or the internal working mechanism details, can simplify the cumbersome procedures, improve the level of infrastructure.

(two) software defines everything
As more and more small hardware, function more and more mature, more and more low cost, software defined all included in infrastructure can improve programming standards under growing market momentum, by the cloud computing internal automation driven data exchange center, Devops and rapid infrastructure provides.

(three) hybrid cloud
In the future cloud computing platform, almost everyone will take some type of hybrid cloud platform, which has become the trend of the times. Most companies are related to the cloud, no matter what people are in the platform, the goal of the new cloud management solution is to control the cloud. Mixing, public, private and even community clouds can be controlled. Cloud computing platform in the future to support hybrid deployment, data can be easily implemented in the private cloud and public cloud transfer between.

(four) safety
Security is increasingly becoming one of the important indicators of the enterprise platform, human production and life every day in the production of a lot of data, and produce more and more fast. The ubiquitous "eyes" and predictive power of big data are promoting the development of data privacy protection and security protection. Cloud computing platform in the future, cloud administrators devices and the cloud server connected to the encryption, and also supports multiple authentication mechanisms, based on VPN solutions, shared key + name + password, SAML, and other federated identity, intelligent card authentication and so on.

(five) mobile
In the post PC era, the era of personal computers is gradually over, mobile phones and other handheld devices to tell the development of the birth of a mobile wave. Around the payment and other aspects of the mobile program is committed to providing the best equipment and services for the user, in the future will have more mobile devices and with the corresponding service was born. Local applications such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and WindowsPhone are supported by a variety of mobile devices, including touch sensing, camera integration, mail integration, and so on. In addition, cloud computing platform and data center can be all enterprise content, including documents, reports, billing, web pages, pictures, fax, and even multimedia audio, video, and so on various information carriers and modes) centralized management and control, combined with its powerful metadata search engine, provide business intelligence and data analysis, at the same time providing network end visit online support for R & D, design function, really help the enterprise to realize the information for the enterprise.


  Three, intelligent video analysis to the advanced development of artificial intelligence
In recent years, with the rapid development of network HD and computing technology, intelligent analysis technology and application of video analysis, video recognition or video improvement class has made great progress. Front end of intelligent development, many of the target tracking, behavior judgment, alarm trigger, data structure and other functions transferred to the front-end camera is completed, greatly improving the timeliness and practicality of intelligent analysis. Back end intelligent analysis of key technologies such as batch portrait collection, video intelligent search, fuzzy image processing, etc. also have a breakthrough in the development of. During the 45, intelligent video technology will towards artificial intelligence senior direction, will build a number of video image information intelligent analysis and sharing application National Engineering Laboratory, further promote the security application mode in passive disposal to advance the active prevention of change.

One is with HD, Ultra HD series product development and improvement solutions, a new generation of audio and video coding decoding technology, image optimization, intelligent video analysis algorithm, information storage and call, network control and transmission, embedded software, cloud computing and other technologies will continue to innovate.
Second, machine learning and deep learning, data automation technology will get rapid development, through machine learning to achieve the target feature extraction, data analysis and real time early warning, through in-depth study on the face, behavior, the gait and vehicle license plate, characteristics of identification, detection, tracking and amplitude to improve precision rate and practicability.

Three is the combination of thermal imaging and intelligent video development, 7*24 uninterrupted detection;

Fourth, intelligent video in the image semantic features of compressed storage, huge amounts of data fast retrieval technology, an arbitrary target fast retrieval and analysis, alignment, association, data mining technology will be more mature, began to enter the stage of large-scale applications in the field of public security video figure surveillance, video command and the wisdom of the city, intelligent home.

Four, platform software into the DT Era
Software industry is this century's most promising and emerging industries, not only can greatly promote the increase the efficiency of the whole system, but also can form a huge industrial scale, is a measure of an important symbol of the comprehensive strength of the industry, has become to participate in global competition to occupy the strategic high ground. After nearly a decade of development, China's security software has been deployed in interoperability, distributed, intelligent application of walking in the the forefront of the world, the security application system also gradually from the hardware as the core toward software as the core of the direction of change. "13th Five-Year" period, the industry will pay more attention to the development of the software platform, and has the following trends:

First, on the basis of the IT architecture, to the DT era. Such as the use of cloud storage, cloud computing architecture using advanced technology for large data structure and mining analysis, in relation to find the transaction rule of development and trend, provide a basis for decision-making, for the public to provide innovative services. "Value-added services, security experience" will become an important feature of the development of the DT era security industry, will inspire the vast number of enterprises in the infinite creativity.

Two is the industry application software platform toward the direction of specialization and compatibility. If the security safe city management software platform with various police platform, digital business information system, GPS system, PKI / PMI system achieve

Association, integration and collaboration and interaction; in the field of industry application, will also toward specialization and integration and business management needs of the direction of development, enhancing the overall security prevention system effectiveness at the same time, to achieve the business trend analysis, process optimization, customer analysis and reduced the efficiency of the visualization service "; in civil security and operational aspects, software platform and solutions will also show a huge development prospects of the combination.

Three is a multi system to achieve emergency response. Such as through the management platform and integrated video surveillance, alarm, access control, physical protection and other equipment early warning linkage and emergency response, timely detection of hidden dangers, reduce hazards, enhance the level of prevention.

Four is toward the SaaS change. Using the tools + model + data model, in accordance with the "service that is the software" concept and the goal of the transformation of traditional ERP, CRM, etc., to provide customers with online delivery and operation and maintenance services.


 Five, other key technology innovation and Application
A new generation of security information and communication technology development and application: master the calculation for the new type, high speed Internet, advanced storage, system security and other core technology; keep pace with the national information and communication technology development, technology applications, the fifth generation of mobile communication (5g) technology, the core routing and switching, super high speed and large capacity intelligent optical transmission technology, high-end servers, storage capacity, new routing and switching, new intelligent terminal, a new generation of base station, network security equipment and to promote the security and the core of information communication equipment joint and large-scale applications.
Chip technology: continuously improve the level of integrated circuit design, rich with intellectual property rights (IP) and design tools. "Chinese core" is no longer a dream, and the upper reaches of the enterprise will be in chip design and manufacturing has taken a solid pace, will develop a function more powerful digital signal processing chip, application specific integrated circuit chip and solving scheme of on-chip system (SOC), security specific coding decoding chip and so on, the core technology of the break will greatly improve the international competitiveness of China's security products, and promote the development of security industry to achieve a comprehensive upgrade.

Three dimensional technology: such as the emergence of deep pupil technology product, changing the traditional video analysis algorithms, 3D visual recognition technology is applied to field of security video surveillance, effectively solve the bottleneck of "stereoscopic perception" and "smart search; some enterprises try to combine city, community security management software platform and GIS system, achieve three-dimensional security equipment scheduling, management and visualization of the emergency command. The combination of these and 3D space security technology development trend and market demand prospects, it is worth the attention of the industry.

Multifunctional security robot: robot + mobile video surveillance system + video analysis technology, can develop many new security applications and solutions, such as can be used for emergency rescue, anti-terrorism, even in the extreme dangerous environment instead of people to carry out inspections and dangerous source of the disposal of the work, has a wide application prospect.

Security UAV Technology: as a low altitude flight of aircraft, the development of civilian UAV has been a lot of years of history. In recent years under anti-terrorism emergency demand driven, some companies try to will no computer and video surveillance technology combined, produced the first generation of security UAV. It is mainly used for aerial reconnaissance, emergency command and so on. Future, with the security of UAV technology continues to mature, the application will be more and more widely, such as in emergency rescue and disaster relief, fire and rescue, equipment inspection, traffic management, goods delivery and other aspects can flourish. In addition, the UAV + cloud video link technology +GIS system can show the effect of three-dimensional digital city, the use of appropriate for the construction of three-dimensional security system to play a special role.

Development and application of Beidou Technology: at present China's Beidou system has coverage in the Asia Pacific region positioning, navigation and timing and short message communication service capabilities, "45" stage, our country will build global coverage Beidou satellite navigation system. With the gradual opening of the Beidou civil mode, in the personal positioning, road traffic management, railway intelligent transportation, transportation, emergency rescue and other aspects will play an increasingly important role. Security industry and the Beidou technology can develop many new technology products, mobile police system, police geographic information systems and other aspects can also play a significant role.

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