HUAWEI strategy - to make the best of the wisdom of the city in China

A few years ago, when the concept of smart city just rise, it seems that there is no domestic manufacturers what. However, with the wisdom of the city in the evolution step by step, the domestic manufacturers began to play a more and more important role -- from the wisdom of the city's top design, implementation and deployment, more domestic manufacturers joined the mission of the war.

We note that as a newly minted domestic top ICT infrastructure vendors, Huawei Xianshanloushui become one of the main force of the wisdom of urban construction. In before the 2016 Huawei, a Chinese partner conference, is the wisdom of urban construction, we have pleasure to interview Huawei Company BG China area vice president Yang Ping, Huawei smart city to solve the project general manager Zhou Xiaohong, and Huawei several partners leadership, they are the founder International Software Co., Ltd. CEO Zhou Daliang, Jiangsu Guotai new software Co., Ltd. deputy general manager and chief technology officer Li Qiang and Taiji Computer Co., Ltd., vice president of Xu Shijun

HUAWEI in the wisdom of the city's three major values
Yang Ping first said that in recent years in the country to vigorously promote, to improve government efficiency, improve the people's livelihood service level, boost economic industrial development for the purpose, the use of networking, cloud computing, data and information technology to build smart city, has increasingly become for the current and future government information work is one of the key. So, in the wisdom of the city's construction, HUAWEI's strategic positioning itself is to adhere to the "integration" strategy, focusing on the ICT infrastructure, to promote the healthy development of smart city ecosystem.
In Yang Ping view, smart city is a very complex giant system, it involves investment and financing, top-level design, integration, operations, the application of the upper and the underlying infrastructure, etc.. It is because of this reason, the wisdom of the city could not by a manufacturer or a few manufacturers to blanket, must be all enterprises in their respective areas, do a good job in things of their own good, to promote the healthy development of the smart city ecosystem.

In the field of smart city, Huawei will pay to adhere to "integration" strategy, focusing in the level of ICT infrastructure, for customers and partners to provide with the world's leading technical level and open architecture, and through the open ability to vigorously promote the wisdom of urban ecosystem development.

So, HUAWEI can bring to the wisdom of the city what value it? Yang Ping believes that this is mainly reflected in three aspects.

First, all areas involved in the wisdom of the city, Huawei is now have a wealth of industry solutions and partner resources, for the smart city industrial area, which is a vibrant, and precious power. For the wisdom of the urban industrial circle, Huawei and its guy with will base to build the real ecosystem. This value is very difficult in the current to measure, perhaps the future of domestic smart city precision molding, can be found everywhere, we come back to the evaluation is not too late.

Secondly, HUAWEI in the industry's most complete product line, as well as its leading open architecture, but also to the domestic wisdom of the city more likely, this option can be said in the past few. Involved in the wisdom of the city of ICT infrastructure level, Huawei can provide a IOT of communication module to networking operation system platform, and wired wireless access, based on cloud computing distributed cloud data center to large data platform, these products and solve scheme in the strict verification and widely recognized by customers, they will Chinese wisdom in urban and lay the solid foundation.

Third, with many other vendors, HUAWEI provides ICT infrastructure and product solutions have independent intellectual property rights, can be completely independent and reliable. This is very important, in the wisdom of the city, a variety of data, business, services are running on this platform, so the security must not be avoided. With long-term investment in R & D, HUAWEI has established independent intellectual property rights based on chip and source code for the development of China's smart city provides the most solid foundation for information security.
HUAWEI partners in the eyes of

The ears, seeing is believing. In this interview, Huawei's several partners have also their own experiences, they collaborate with Huawei in the field of smart city in recent years are introduced.

Zhou Daliang said, founder international and HUAWEI have a lot of industry cooperation, in recent years began strategic cooperation in the smart city. Founder International believes that the wisdom of the city's form has changed, the wisdom of the city from the past single to do the project, turned to PPP as the core of the construction and operation of investment integration. In this case, to build a smart city needs a new ICT platform, it is equipped with the cloud, but also to fully apply the things in the past. In Huawei communication, founder international that Huawei's model and platform to meet the needs of itself and the wisdom of urban development, from the point of view of information security, Huawei is the best choice, so the cooperation between the two sides is ripe.

Introduction according to Li Qiang, the new point of Jiangsu Guotai is specialized in application driven application software development company, main business includes the intelligence chief, educational wisdom, intelligence community and other some industry solutions, are basically under the overall framework of the inclusion to the wisdom of the city. In recent years, customer demand is no longer a simple software, but the software, hardware, network, including the overall solution. Therefore, new point of Jiangsu Guotai contact with many domestic manufacturers, until met Huawei they think they will find a very good fit: Huawei in the ICT infrastructure level ability is very strong, solution is also independent and reliable, fully meet the level of integration of customer requirements. It is reported that the company contracted to build many government center project, wisdom of the government affairs hall inside the large Huawei wisdom terminal products, center of the room the Huawei's cloud computing platform, even service window using the tablet is Huawei. Li Qiang said he is looking forward to more and better cooperation between the two sides, in order to make due contributions to the construction of China's smart city.

Xu Shijun said that early in 2013, Tai Chi is proposed to do "the wisdom of the city's leader, through several years of practice and development, Tai Chi is also more and more rational, and for their own made a more exact notes, that is wisdom the wisdom of the city government's first name. In the field of smart city, Tai Chi used the practice of subtraction, the main focus on their own strength in the field of government affairs, made a relatively good breakthrough. At present, in many smart government projects, Tai Chi is the use of a large number of HUAWEI's cloud platform, such as the Beijing government cloud platform for all the use of HUAWEI's products. In addition to the product level of cooperation, Tai Chi prefer to cooperate with HUAWEI in the solution level, which has a higher complementarity, but there is the possibility of joint innovation. At present, Tai Chi and HUAWEI are exploring the establishment of a joint program to resolve the wisdom of the city center, the two sides hope to achieve a deeper and more extensive cooperation in the field of wisdom.

HUAWEI wisdom of the city's four major upgrade

Front, Yang Ping from a macro point of view, expounds the Huawei to bring the value of the wisdom of the city, and as the person in charge of Huawei smart city business, Zhou Xiaohong is in a more specific and microcosmic point of view, once again expounded Huawei brings the value of the wisdom of the city.

From the point of view of the product and technology, Zhou Xiaohong believes that HUAWEI brings wisdom of the city's largest capacity to improve, it should be the whole of HUAWEI's ability to connect. City to wisdom, then its data collection and transmission must be based, just like each of us like neurons, so the city is wisdom, depends entirely on the data acquisition and transmission network distribution breadth, and its sensitivity. Huawei's networking technology to effectively improve the city's level of perceived, is committed to building a better joins the whole world vision, also means in terms of capacity is expected, the evolution of Huawei's development direction and the wisdom of the city and wisdom of the city is closely related to, must be able to help smart cities to achieve greatly improved.

Secondly, for the wisdom of the city, sharing means huge, in this regard HUAWEI also can help smart city to achieve a great improvement. For example, in the HUAWEI cloud pipe end strategy, the cloud is the core of a Distributed Open Cloud Architecture to the city's resources, data integration, and better support the sharing of data and open.
Once again, a city to achieve real wisdom, the inevitable need for sustainable development, must be able to attract a large number of developers, enterprises in the development of the above. In this regard, Huawei has been committed to the to create an open platform, using open source technology to build a development platform, not only to support the evolution of the future more, at the same time can turn the global innovation resources are used up, ensure the architecture of advanced and persistent.

Finally, Huawei in the field of information security, has decades of deep accumulation, not just some conventional intrusion detection and other security measures, Huawei in the network security used technology of data, can the high persistence of the network threat prediction and prevention, so that the signal to Huawei information security is to for the wisdom of the city's ability to enhance the important contributions made by.

Yang Ping added that HUAWEI has a smart city team, in the past has also been to some cities to do the top-level design, but do top-level design purposes, not to say that HUAWEI hopes to do much of this business. The reason why there is such a team, its purpose is into the line of customers, in-depth understanding of the needs of customers and partners, in the smart city "giant system" architecture, how to through the level of ICT infrastructure, demand for all response, which in turn can promote Huawei provides ICT infrastructure in the wisdom of the city, including the industry better.

Good ecological significance
Zhou Daliang believes that, unlike previous noise, a few years ago the city of wisdom "hot", is the main source of manufacturers. Many manufacturers to create a cloud computing center, SaaS service for the city, efforts to promote the overall manufacturers is relatively large. But in the past few years, the government's efforts to start up, the wisdom of the city's national norms and guidance, to show good guidance. The government's attitude is very clear, is to solve people's problems, solve the problem of city management, big data strategy and Internet plus action plan, make the government more clearly see the development of smart city prospects. In this sense, a on the wisdom of urban organic, circulation of ICT whole ecosystem has Weiran molding, for the future development of Chinese wisdom in urban, is of great significance.

He said that from the manufacturer's point of view, there are still a lot of technical problems need to be resolved, in addition to the problems of mechanisms, systems and business models. Founder international cooperation with HUAWEI in the wisdom of the city, and is not only a technical cooperation, both sides hope to have a more in-depth cooperation.

At the same time, Zhou Daliang believes that the industry should also help the government to solve three problems: first, the investment problem; the second is the wisdom of the people and management problems; third, the transformation of industrial upgrading.

Xu Shijun agrees. He believes that in the current Chinese society, the wisdom of the city's construction can not be separated from the government's leading and leading.

 At the same time, the wisdom of the city and the city's economic and social development ideas are fit, which is the core of the problem.

The Huawei proposed ICT smart city ecosystem, Xu Shijun said quite agree with you, he also believes that Huawei has the ability to do this, Huawei has sufficient resources, and very open and inclusive, stretch and dye in the wood, this feature will help Huawei and partners closely group node in circles, mutual penetration close cooperation, reinforce the common Chinese wisdom in urban development foundation and the way forward.

In view of Li Qiang's experience, the wisdom of urban construction in the absence of government leading, basically very difficult to start or even dubbed "wisdom" of the word, after all, many of the key task is hard to avoid the government, but also should not bypass the government. In addition, he believes that the development in the city of wisdom, the parties must create a good ecosystem, to create collaborative intelligence applications more and better. From the angle of government and enterprises, everyone must be two pronged approach, together with the force, will it be possible to the wisdom of the city towards a desired goal effective forward.

Yang Ping finally said, in the construction of the entire city of wisdom, the need for Huawei and partners in the corresponding fields of complex giant system ", to do deep penetration, each do their own good thing, solidarity cooperation, together to enhance the ability of the whole ecological chain, create a good ecosystem, is committed to make the best wisdom City bloom in China.

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