Shenzhen  HD iDVR  Electronics Co., Ltd., engaged in research and development and production of security monitoring equipment sales, is known as the domestic AHD, DVR, NVR monitoring host manufacturers.

       HD iDVR  was founded in 2008, vowed to the working security service to the custom, with its strong product performance advantages, and custom processing advantage, become the domestic well-known rear end monitoring, hard disk video recorder suppliers; eight years of development, fly like a steady, one step a footprint, through the months and years precipitation. Now, the company has accumulated monitoring product category models over a hundred, chassis size of die appearance 40 sets, covering the market industry all mainstream appearance models, are exported to Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East,

Southeast Asia and worldwide, with annual sales of billions of dollars!
In 2016 the company's development, the company is looking for the following positions:

1: electronic engineers, technical personnel;

2: sales business, foreign trade personnel, documentary staff;

3: clerk, purchasing, sales support;

4: Art design;

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