Motor vehicle driver's test network video monitoring system solutions

Background and challenges
With the progress of people's living standard, China's vehicle to maintain volume in recent years continued to rise, the number of motor vehicles increased to the society brought a series of problems, such as the problem of road driving safety, non motor vehicle and pedestrian safety, major accidents, environmental protection etc.. Motor vehicle driver's driving level and quality of the whole society and the people's daily life has a very important and more and more obvious impact. Therefore, the driver of the vehicle test, the significance is very significant, is a student to become an important gateway to pass the driver, to ensure that the discipline of the examination strict, fair and open. A high-definition, digital, and systematic video surveillance system, and gradually become an essential system and facilities for each motor vehicle driving test center.

In 2012, the Ministry of Public Security issued the "123 orders", made the new regulations on the current pilot test. Strict supervision of motor vehicle driving test, also put on a new height.

     Motor vehicle driving test is currently divided into subjects, two subjects, three subjects (including driving civilization) each subject, each of the subjects have different site and asked, according to the actual situation, adjust measures to local conditions for each site to set up an appropriate type and quantity of HD monitoring point and vehicle monitoring equipment and testing monitoring command center set up, the management of the whole system, unified scheduling, and application of all audio and video resources. Colleagues and test related information system integration and the driving test information and audio and video information of unity and integration, by means of modern science and technology and information to ensure pilot test of scientific, advanced, open, transparent, prevent man-made cheating and other interference factors, social transmission of a qualified driver, more to promote the safety of social life, harmonious and stable.

Unified construction of motor vehicle driver test video monitoring system, access and management of the subjects of examination of audio and video image, and the driving test information management platform docking, the driving test system platform seamlessly into the test subjects of the audio and video image data, for test management departments and supervision departments at a higher level of comprehensive application.

The business architecture of the system as shown below:



System business architecture diagram


Program highlights
1) virtualizing test site, test platform, the test car, test items, test circuit object, object, forming one virtual elements, able to add operation on the platform, or obtained from the unified examination management information system.

2) real time to receive the examination system issued by the candidates, examination information.

3) the examination site is associated with a number of panoramic monitoring points, test stations, test items associated with a monitoring point, the test car is associated with the positive, the driver's seat and the car outside the three monitoring points.

4) the status of monitoring equipment can be pushed to the test information system, and constantly refresh, in order to make the examination system to grasp the running state of the monitoring equipment. Associated monitoring points if there is a failure (including video occlusion and not online), you can send an alarm to the examination system, to facilitate the examination system to make the appropriate action.

5) can query and playback of the candidates exam video, query conditions have test subjects, test vehicles, test items, candidates information. And support batch download query out of the examination video.

Three) 6 test lines to support the establishment of electronic fence function, subject three test car GPS coordinates of the test line beyond the electronic fence, you can give the test system issued a warning.

7) on the electronic map to show the subjects three exam candidates in the examination of the vehicle track.

8) support through a cascade of test information and subjects three test car GPS information uploaded to the superior platform.

9) support personnel by bayonet, identification and capture compared to face identification, completely Marie du to take the exam.



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